I'm thinking about buying a new saddle. Which ones are the best for jumping. Any ideas?

It honestly depends on your price range. I have ridden in my trainers CWD and am currently in a Voltaire, and could not vouch for either of them more!
the best of the best in my opinion are either CWD or Butet. however, these can get quite expensive. better priced saddles that are still really good include Pessoa, Meyers, HDR, or maybe Bates. i have tried the Pessoas and Meyers and both are amazing. however, i own a butet and two cwds and they are fantastic, so comfy and fit my horses v well, not to mention they look great in the show ring.
Prestige lol, my Versailles is absolutely wonderful
CWD saddles are amazing!!
Pessoa or marc Toulouse
Thanks everyone ;)
I love CWD, Voltaire, Devocouxx, and Antares for higher price. But if you're looking mid range Bates , Pessoa, and HDR are really nice!
i LOVE my CWD!!
I love my Pessoa!
Henri de Rivel ! They are awesome!!
I have a devoucoux and i like it.
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