I've neglected my sitting trot recently and have been struggling to get it back to a nice seat! I would really appreciate some tips! Thank you!

no stirrups, don't completely take them off, work without them and then slowly put your feet back into them while maintaining the same "ride" you had without them
Try to really sit back and tighten your core abs your inner thighs
Hey, Emily!
I have that problem too. I haven't neglected my sitting trot but according to the horse I ride, I just can't sit in the saddle properly. Try moving your hips with the bounce of the stride the horse gives. Think about it this way: move all your body weight down to your hips and sit deep in your seat. Slow down your horse so the bounce he/she gives off isn't too strong. Then after you get your seat back, you can slowly bring the speed back up. Also, my trainer says to lay back a bit and that will help also. This is a video that helped me out a lot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYBz061BrqQ&t=274s I hope this helps you too :)
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