Am I small for my horse?/ Is she big for me? I'm 5'3" and she is approx. 16.2 hh (just curious on what your opinions are)

I'm 5'11 and ride a 16.2hh horse
Everything is 16.2ish horse I'm 4"11'
No, that’s a great size my mare is 16hh and I’m 5’4”.
No im 5'2" and my horse is the same size
No, I'm also 5.3ft and my horse is 16,1hh
No, it's much better to be too small for your horse than too big! I'm 5"10 ish and I ride a 17hh WB
You'll look fine. I'm 5'6" and ride a 16.2 warmblood and I look fine.
I say it all comes down to riding preference and how comfortable you are! Anything can work if the bond is there!
I think you look great on your horse!! I'm 5' and I sometimes ride my moms 17hh horse😂
I ride a 14.1 pony and own a 13.2 one and I'm 5.9 so probs no
If you can be effective with hands/leg aids then you can ride a Clydesdale or Shetland. That's all that matters. And of course love her. She's a mare ❤️
It's like me getting a Range Rover, it seemed big at first. Quickly you just naturally get the hang of it. So, get out there and bond with her. 🐴🦄
That's perfect! I'm 5'3" and my horse is 16.3hh
That's a perfect match! If your horse is still growing then you might you might be a bit small but if your growing also then that's fine.
Hi Bethany,
I believe that any size rider can be on any size horse with a strong bond and respect for each other!
no you're fine
I'm 4'10 and I have a 16.3hh horse
your never to small for your horse
Definitely not, now it's different if she's to strong but no such thing as to big
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