I want to lease a horse but my parents won't let me. I've done the research and I know I'm ready. What are ways I can prove that I'm ready to have my own horse and I'm responsible?

Try doing more of house chores and go to the barn as much as you can I am leasing a horse right now and that's how I made my parents let me lease a horse. I hope it helped 😊
Stay committed and put in as much time at the barn as you possibly can! If you have a therapeutic riding center in your area (and any free time), putting in volunteer hours would only help show how passionate you are.
Before I gotten a horse I lease on at the barn I rode at. Pls I did some barn work for lessons and I used that horse for shows and and 4-h
Start to work at a barn. This summer I have a job at my stable, and I'm going to start leasing in the winter. Most parents biggest issue with leasing is they don't want to be stuck with all the work. If you prove you're responsible, you're more likely to lease a horse🙂 There are other factors like money and time, but you don't have as much control over them. If you can't get a horse job then try to be more responsible with your chores. You can walk the dog more often, or take out the trash🙂 I hope is helps!
Thanks, guys! Really helpful advice :)
My uncle has a horse and I used to go up there a lot and work out around the yard and help him with his horse! Then my parents asked if I wanted to buy a horse then I got molly, my horse today! So if u have any family/ friends that u know own a horse ask if u could help out a few times a week then maybe your parents will see how committed u are and let u loan a horse 😁 I'm just giving u advice that worked for me
*irritated with you.
I'm in the same boat. The best way to show your commited is to really take care of the horse and equipment. It also comes down to a money aspect; for example, my sister is attending college right now, so that puts a damper on the horse funds. Don't constantly complain to your parents about the situation either, that only makes things worse by making them
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