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What is the best horse breed, in your opinion, and why?

What is the best horse breed, in your opinion, and why?
Brace strong tall whats not to love?!
Can't get better then an Anglo Norman
i'm a warm blood girl! i have a dutch warm blood and a hanoverian and they are amazing! they are built super nice and have great brains and attitudes.
Selle Francais or Holstein. selle francais are mostly pretty bloody horses, fast. holsteiners have a strong quality jump. depends on how well bred it is of course.
Personally a Quarter horse. I'd say because they're bred for pretty well everything and seem to be pretty versatile. I have a four year old and she can pretty well do anything I ask.
I love warmbloods! I have a 5 year old one now turning 6 soon and he is perfect. He just goes over the jumps and never spooks at anything.
Warmblood because they can do anything and I'm a jumper hunter and eq rider and mine can do everything they are extremely taller
thoroughbreds are great versatile horses, almost like the "english" version of a quarter horse. great all arounders.

warmbloods (dutch, german, belgian) are my fav bc they are somewhat stocky & are great jumpers.
If I had to choose I would say quarter horse because they are a great alround
I think all breeds because I think all horses are amazing and special in their own ways
I personally prefer a thoroughbred. They have a bad reputation but honestly I ride them on and off and very rarely find something they aren't willing to do. English and western and they do well. They can require a bit more of a gritty rider but overall good minded and well hearted.
I think that there is no "best". If a horse is suited for the discipline, while remaining sound and is happy with its job, that's all that matters. There are some breeds (QHs, TBs) that are suited for more than one discipline and are able to do well in most.
Any breed is fantastic! I've rode many different breeds and all horses are different.