ASK : How would you treat a sarcoid on a horse(it is a non cancerous tumor)? My vet has confirmed it and he wants to try a cream. Would this be the best option?

Hello Rachel,

Thank you for your question and sorry for my answer's delay.

Concerning sarcoids ,apart from surgical exersis and other treatments realised by your veterinary (cryotherapy or chimiotherapy ), there are different substances to applicate locally to burn the sarcoid et help its disappering.
Their efficiency depends upon their composition. The choice of the substance is dependent on the localisation of the sarcoid, some ( the eyelids and thecal sac for example ) unabling the application of substances too iritating.
I invite you to come back to our veterinary so to give him more informations on the sarcoid that you wish to get rid off ( shape ,verrucous , size, speed of evolution ) .You can contact Marc on the 0146910338 during the day (untaxed call).

By the way, some recommend a complementation of thuja and magnesium, or an imunitary stimulation (for several months) so to support the local treatment and limit the reccurences.

Do not hesitate to come back to us for complementary information
Have a good afternoon

Pauline of
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