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What is the best type of bit to use while jumping?

What is the best type of bit to use while jumping?
Depends on the horse but mine is on a snaffle for everything
D ring snaffle
I use a full cheek or a D-ring snaffle French link. But it really depends on you and your horse!
Depends on the horse
I ride in a French link D ring on my pony name zoom :) he tends to get really tense and needs so support while jumping so he doesn't zoom and it is just strong enough to bring he back down . He is a through breed x Welsh cross
I use a soft twist D ring snaffle. It gives me more control than a regular d ring snaffle but isn't overly harsh. Really you just have to evaluate what type of bit is needed for your horse.
honestly, it all depends on your horse && their needs. are they more headstrong & drag you down? or are they gentle w their mouth. personally one of my horses, is a lighter head and more docile....i use a dr. bristol dee. on the other hand, my hanoverian x thoroughbred, is a bit more wild && controlling so i use either a twisted snaffle dee or a jointed pelham.
Personally I identify a double jointed eggbutt snaffle but but this is a topic that really depends on your horse. Some horses are really light and sensitive to the bit and only require a simple snaffle, but other horses that have a "harder mouth" can respond better in a stronger bit. Sometime horses only need a flash noseband to help, but it depends on the horse :)
I ride in a french link, its a bit that is more comforable for the horse by not doing the "nut cracker" sorr of actions on the palet. But bits defiantly depend on the horse, so just do your research. However its easier to move up to harder bits than starting at harder bits and moving back down to simpler, softer bits. Good luck!
Depends on your horse^ a full cheek is for a horse who has a harder time turning but an eggbutt and a D ring are the most basic, light bits. I personally prefer a French link instead of a two piece snaffle but that's just because I feel like it has more flexibility making the bit more comfortable but that's just my opinion. BUT if your horse can't be ridden in a snaffle, a lot of hunters use Pelhams but I wouldn't really suggest that without really researching them first to make sure it's a good fit for your horse. (:
I use D-ring snaffle or sometimes a full cheek snaffle. It really depends on the horse and what your horse is comfortable with.