Tips on how to regain jumping confidence? I used to do 1.10 spreads but now I'm nervous over cross poles.

Take it slow and ride with a trainer on a horse you're comfortable with. I had a really bad fall a few years ago and it totally
Shot down my confidence. I went to a trainer I was comfortable and we started off slow and worked gradually to get my confidence back. It's not something you can rush
Do a course of trot poles than work up from there
You have to trust your horse. You two are a team. They can sense if you're nervous and it reflects on them. My tip is even if you're scared go for the jump anyways and do your best. After you land you will notice that you're okay and everything went fine. Try working your way up! Start small and continue raising it until you feel it's time to stop!
Don't look at the jump, look at a wall ahead of you or a tree or what ever is I front of you.
Also trust your horse. As long as you have a good canter going your horse will go for it. Have trust, don't be tense, and squeeze your legs. Sit up until you feel your horse "bump" you up and then do your two point!

You could also try doing chase me chairle, start the jump of low andthen everytime you make it over the jump raise it up by 1 hole until your horse wants to stop!
When ever I get nervous, I just do it, over and over till I feel comfortable. It may take a while but I'm sure you can get back to where you were and even better ❤️
A half year ago, I thought 60 cm was scary with my new horse, now I jump 1.10 with ease, I wish I could already go higher! The only thing I did was practice practice practice, like 2 or 3 times a week. Just really small jumps and counting the strides in between 2 times a week, and then a few higher jumps every week once a week during my jumping lesson. You'll actually get used to it really quickly, I didn't expect that at this point I would jump this high with ease :) that's all I can tell from my own experience
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