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What are some of the best breeds ??

What are some of the best breeds ??
Hanoverian and pintos (personal preference) 😂
I love my QH but I also really like and looking into an ottb or a warmblood
Blue valentine handcocks and quarter horses
Morgan because of the versatility in them
Appendix (QH x TB)
Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds,
Thoroughbreds, Arabian, American Warmbloods for English and Quarter horse for western. I personally like thoroughbreds the best because they can do almost any of the disciplines in English (I am English) and they are just generally a good breed!
Quarter horse, always!!!
Irish Sport Horse
Quarter horse!!! They can do like every discipline!😊
It does depend on the discipline, but I love thoroughbreds.
Cobs are friendly horses
What are you looking to do with the horse? In my opinion, the quarter horse will always be my number one 🙂