What bit does everyone use? I normally use a d ring slow twist or a rubber Pelham for my horse :)

I use a fleece hackamore, argentine snaffle, or just a normal egg butt snaffle
I use a balancing bit
I ride in a d ring snaffle
for my mare, who can be mareish and stubborn at types, i use a dee ring dr bristol. for my more headstrong, run around the ring gelding, i use a slow twisted dee for home and a jointed pelham for shows (and sometimes home if he didn't get turned out for v long)
For my jumper I use a French link happy mouth (d ring) for my hunter pony I use a Waterford d ring
At home I use a happy mouth bit but at shows I use a d ring French link
I also use a d ring slow twist! (For English) for western I use a Tom Thumb!
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