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I'm going to start IEA this year. What are some things required IEA?

I'm going to start IEA this year. What are some things required IEA?
1 hairnets in my opinion always look nicer than bows but it’s your choice
2 have either a black or navy jacket
3 bring a shoe shiner cause sometimes before u mount ur shoes get super dirty
4 have tan breeches
5 white show shirt but how u wear all of this is ur preference
6 sometimes the horses aren’t great so when they are being warmed up watch all of them so that way if u draw them it’s much easier to know how they go.
I do IEA too and its so fun!
These are some things I've learned about it:
1. the only main things you need are show clothing. Tan breeches, white show shirt, navy show jacket(ask your trainer about the color tho), tall boots, helmet, gloves, etc.
2. You'll probably have IEA practices on different days. But it depends on your barn and all that so don't count me on this
3. You don't always get in the division you wish you did. Sometimes your trainer will put you in a lower division or a division you don't want to be in. But she/he knows its the best for you and the team. Its not just about you but also whats best for the team and what your doing for the team.
4. Its not all about winning, its about having fun! Yes, winning is amazing, but remember to have fun! I have so much fun at all my shows, hanging out with my friends and cheering on my team. We don't always win but we make the best memories ever.
from what I’ve noticed, my kids in the first year of IEA get a little upset if they don’t place how they thought they would... so my best advice is to be a team player, always give your horse a pat and tell the horse holder thanks and what a lovely horse they have, and be thankful for ANY kind of placing, or the fact you are able to do IEA!
And as far as I know you can have a green jacket... one of the girls on my team has one..... zone 8
Make sure you have all your typical hunter style show clothes and be prepared to be put on any kind of horse :)
You do not have to wear a hair net if you are wearing braids and bows. But in my opinion it looks childish so I wear my hair net.
Your jacket can only be a solid navy blue or black no hunter green!!!
make sure you are prepared to ride any type of horse, and all you have to do is show up with (your teammates) your show clothes (full attire). it's always good to have a crop and spurs in hand just incase! everything else should be supplied by the hosting barn!
all you have to do is come in show clothes, and bring a crop & spurs. everything else is supplied @ the hosting barn for the horses.
Mostly just ur show clothes and a crop