Do you have any show name ideas for a chestnut mare named Friday?

Friday fun day
It's a Friday after noon
Fridays on the fly
Fancy like Friday. TGIF.
Friday's Fragarance
Brownie Points, Sale Ends, Only Today, came up with on the fly 😂
Here's a link to a list of some really great horse names - it's helped me SO much:

Hope this helps! (There are many great barn/show names that are super creative and easy to find because they are sorted alphabetically - by letter of name)
TGIF is really cute, maybe Riding Into Town (from the riddle about going into town on a Friday and staying three days and leaving on Friday)?
Red sun on Friday
Thank god it's Friday is a great show name
T.G.I.F or Black Friday (she's a chestnut tho...)
Here comes Friday or thank god its friday😂
Friday's Champion?
Totally Ready for the Weekend?
Chestnut Friday?
Always a Chesnut Winner?
Totally Awesome?
Red Rainforest?

Hope this helps a little bit.
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