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I need a new helmet… Should I get a Samshield or a Charles Owen?

I need a new helmet… Should I get a Samshield or a Charles Owen?
i have samshield and i love it. i would definately recommend it
Charles Owen
Love samshield
Get whatever fits your head
I love my Charles Owen but both helmets are for two different shapes heads
I agree, head shape is really key, round head is more Charles Owen, narrow is more GPA and Samsheild, I sometime show in my Charles Owen but I loveeee my GPA, never changed my brand of helmet for almost 3 years now!
Charles Owen
it really all comes down to your head shape. i was planning on getting a charles owen, but since i have a more oval head, i had to purchase a samshield. i'm glad i did, i absolutely loveeee my samshield, but you can't go wrong w a charles owen. both are great, i used to have a charles owen jr8 and loved it, besides the fact that it didn't have ventilation. if youre choosing between the two, choose between any variation of samshield (theyre al great) or the charles owen ayr8 or gr8. good luck!
Charles Owen are great for hunter jumper. They are also super confortable.
Both are nice though. It's up to what you like and what discipline you mainly do.