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How to treat thrush and do you have recommendation for any products?

How to treat thrush and do you have recommendation for any products?
I use just the simple epsom salt and water. I do keep the whole hoof on the outside polished with a conditioner so the whole hoof doesn’t dry out. I also pack the hoof after.
Hold flex makes a treatment for thrush and you can also use Thrush buster
Copper tox, green copper based antiseptic as well as keeping the t-bars well trimmed
You can use White Lighting Liquid, either with the soak bags or pour it in a spray bottle and spray directly on the site of infection.
A natural remedy would be bleach and water mixed. Or thrush buster which can be purchased at Dover or your local horse store
Thrush buster is my favorite, you can get it from Dover and it helps a lot
Thrush buster, hoof goop, or Apple cider vinager, add tea tree to the vinegar for more strength.
Thrush buster is a purple, liquid in a small bottle. It is the best but stains your hands and clothes pretty easily. I get it from and Dover Saddlery.
I use "Hoof Solution" by Kevin Bacon's every two days :)
No Thrush is really good but make sure that you are conditioning the outer hoof wall with some sort of hoof polish so the whole hoof doesn't dry out.
Tomorrow it is a product used in cattle to treat the same things a horses works wonders
Use Apple Cider Viniger and water 50/50 and use a spray bottle or a condament bottle and sqeeze or spray a liberal amout onto the hoof, it worked like a charm for me. It should clear up, if used daily, really quick! Plus its cheap!
Durasole ! Iran purple, use a latex glove when applying so it’s only absorbed into the hoof.
Thrush buster has always worked for me! u can probably get it at a local tack store or dover saddlery!
PS Thrushbuster stains clothing and skin, but it comes off the skin with time
Cheap solution would be a few spritzes of bleach before or after you ride a few times a week. Or you can buy Thrushbuster, a purple-ish chemical that kills the thrush. Hope this helps💓
Pink hoof clay
Kevin Bacon treatment is excellent
Hydrogen peroxide spray onto the foot, it works!x
I've tried a number of remedies, my go to is ThrushBuster. When I can't access some, I've also used iodine or copper sulphate (bluestone), in a spray bottle applied directly multiple times per day. Also see your farrier about getting some of the affected area trimmed and keep the feet dry.