Do you know any good names(not shownames) for a strawberry roan mare?

My friend named hers Roanie and the show name is Da Roan Ranger
Strawberry sun
Rosetta Stone
I love the name trinity is a link... Just some more ideas
what about strawberry?
Bella, Beauty, Rose, Sun Dance, Sparkle, Sky Fire, Twinkle are some other names you might be interested in. I hope you find the perfect name!
Because I have the mentality of an infant the first thing that came to my mind was Strawberry. I think that Rose might be cute too.
Amber or like Macy
Here's a link to a list of some really great horse names - it's helped me SO much:

Hope this helps! - there are many great barn names that are super creative and are easy to find what you're looking for because they are alphabetical!
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