What are the main differences between riding a pony and riding a horse ?

Ponies obviously have shorter strides but they often have a much quicker tempo as well. Depending on the rider, a horse is often easier to ride as there is more neck in front of you, but at the same time you may find a much bigger horse a lot harder to collect, work from its hindquarters and adjust. However a lot depends on the horse and it's personality!
Height and attitude
A pont is so much cooler you have the feeling if control much more although i wonder how much my horse works for me
It really depends on the size of the pony or horse. If the equine is shorter than 14.2 it’s a pony. The main difference is stride size. However, some stride sizes are rather close. Such as a 14hh pony and 15hh horse. I hope this helps!
Ponies are evil
Paces on a horse are sooooo much bigger. I went from a 14.2hh Galloway to a 16.2hh hack
Stride sizes and ponies can be more stubborn!
So the first difference is obviously the size. But i find the biggest difference is there strides. Ponies take short and quick strides and on the other hand Horses take long slower strides. Hope this helped!😊
Stride size I think.
Pony are drama queens
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