I am thinking about leasing out my pony for the summer. How much should I charge per month for onsite leasing??

Depends I pay 250 a month for a half lease so maybe around that
I am leasing a horse for the summer, I pay half board.
I know that most of my friends or my trainer when they lease out one of their horses they typically have the leaser pay $25 per ride. And then they add like $30-$50.

So say the leaser rides 3 days a week that's $300 a month, and then they normally add in alittle extra cash to make it like $350.

But that might get alittle pricey if the leaser is riding like every day
They will have to supply their own tack and pay. I will pay vet bills and board.
it depends on what the pony is capable of doing and if youre going to make the leasee buy their own tack for the pony or if you're gonna supply it. same w, are you going to pay board/vet bills or are they?
before i had my own horses i leased a gelding. it depends on the horse. the gelding i leased was an extraordinary jumper, very talented jumper. i rode him every day and was allowed to take him to the trainer and shows i pleased. it was like my own horse. i payed 300 per month. fair deal
Depends on the job she's going to be doing
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