I have a tb with very high withers. The saddle pad I currently use doesn't have great wither relief. Any recommendations for saddle pads that do?

Premier equine!
ogilvy and ecogold or total saddle fit
Get a wither relief pad! Total Saddle fit and Kavalarie are nice (I know I spelled that wrong)😂😂😂
the léttia coolmax saddle pass have good withers relief
ogilvy baby pads for sure!
Total saddle fit has half pads specifically designed for wither relief. And their not the most expensive pad out there!
I prefer the oglivy baby pad. It's kind of pricy but will work out well for you
My mattes fit well
Union hill! $20
Total saddle fit wither relief pad
Hi Maddy,
You should a try a wither relief pad if you have not already! There is one on Dover and it was like $12 and it works great for my high withered QH! Hope this helps:)
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