What brand of tall boots/helmet do you have?

Tipperary t4 helmet (which I love) and ariat heritage
Ariat and troxel liberty and horze . I do NOT recommend horze helmets.
Ariat boots and an IRH helmet
Helmet is a OneK
Panlanti Boots (ocala and miami) and a samshield helmet
I have Ariot boots and a Charles Owen helmet.
I have tredstep davinchis and Samshield shadowmatt helmet
Boots: Perri's Helmet: Troxel. This helmet makes my head look like a mushroom so I am planning on buying a new one but its comfortable and does the job so I think I'm going to stick to it until it gets small or I have a really bad fall or whatever and I am probably going to buy a ovation, uvex, or Charles Owen helmet next.
Parlanti Passion and Gpa
Mountain Horse boots and KEP helmet😍
tredstep and grand prix - temporary and one k
Ariat and Charles Owen
Tucci, parlanti, fabbri, Sergio grasso for boots, samshield and GPA helmets
I just got parlanti and I have a samshield
ariat tall boots and one k helmet
Ariat tall boots and a samsheild helmet
I have ariat tall boots and a Charles Owen helmet
Dinero boots and a samsheild helmet
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