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What price is good for boarding (monthly)??

What price is good for boarding (monthly)??
I say at least $900, usually like $1100
Around me in Lexington Kentucky I've found its $250-1, 500 depending on what barn and trainer you use. I've also found it really racks up because of the name you ride with, really.
My board is 750, the barn does everything except ride and groom your horse, automatic water and lots of shavings, half day turn out and they put boots on your horse if needed in the paddock, 3 outdoor rings, 1 indoor, 1 polo ring, and a track :)
The barn I'm at is $500 a month
1000$ to 2000$ depending on the possibilities the infrastructure offers
At my barn(we are in illinois) it is $250 for half-board(dry stall) and $600 for full board.

But I know In surrounding barns full board ranges from $300-$950
I'm in the Midwest and I've seen $200-$1750 it really depends on what (if it's you) are looking to provide or be provided
1000 is pretty typical in Davie fl
Depends on location, the area I am at the board can ranges from $200 to $2500
In my opinion I think 200-700 dollars is good