How do I get my horse off the forehand? How do I get him to be balanced?

Sit back
Lateral work
Reagan* lol
Lots of pole work and raised cavaletti! Make sure you are keeping your leg on, you want to push him forward so to speak. Keep him energized over the poles and cavaletti. Also do lots of transitions like mentioned earlier. Keep him on his toes, keep your ride full of figure eights, circles, serpentines, spirals and direction changes. This will also help with balance and flexibility :) If he gets heavy, push him forward rather than pull him up.
Hope this helped,
I would also recommend you a lot of pole work, trotting and canter poles. Alternate the work on transitions and shoulder in can also help to control and elevate the shoulder.
I recommend lots of downward transitions. Make them get on their behind and work there. It's hard but it does pay off. Balance comes as they grow stronger. Those two problems go hand in hand
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