What kind of saddle does everyone have? I'm thinking about getting a CWD :)

I have a CWD and they are amazing
I love my CWD! Agree with @savannatripp about the fit though.
I absolutely love my CWD! The only thing I will say is CWDs are more of a one horse saddle. Simply meaning they don't fit a wide variety of horses. My CWD fits me perfect and is über comfortable!!❤️
CWD and Hulsebos
a butet & cwd
L'apogée (:
I have a hilason and it sucks
I have a Voltaire and it works amazingly'
Love my Hermes
County :)
Bruno Delgrange
I have a schleese but CWDs are great!!
Henri de Rivel
I have an HDR
I got a devoucoux. And I and my horse seems to do really good in it.
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