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What does a first, second or third cut hay mean ?

What does a first, second or third cut hay mean ?
Actually, where Brianna says that first cut is for horses is wrong. I know some people do that, but first crop is extremely weedy and tough and horses have a lot more sensitive digestive systems than say goats of cows
First cut is for horses second cut is for cows third cut is sheep
Hey Amber,
At my house, we usually get three, sometimes even four crops or cuts- this year we think we'll get five- but it means when it's cut. The first crop is usually early June. This one usually has the most weeds and such in it, so for my horses we'll feed half a bale of this and half a bale of the second or third crop from last year.
Hope this helps!
It's how many cuttings you get off a field in a growing season. 2nd and 3rd crop are the ones you want ideally. It's better quality hay.
Hello Amber,

The meaning of the first, second or third cut hay is when the hay is cut more than once. So for an example a third cut hay is when it has been cut two other times before the third cut. Hope this helps.
That's how many you get out of ur hay field.
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