Does anyone have any tips on how to get a grey horse clean ?

Watch the Noyelle Floyd video!
to prevent, keep really light, weightless sheets on them, so that if they roll in mud or on shavings, their body stays clean, but they stay cool. you could use scrims, or coolers, etc.
Try and use sprays and us green spot removers
If you want a cheaper alternative to these shampoos I use cvs-brand grey hair shampoo and it works well
Purple shampoo whitening spray and hope because some juts don't stay clean
Purple shampoo! Or go I'm Noelene Floyd Maganize on YouTube they've got 2 videoed on how to keep your grey horse grey
Lots of purple shampoo
Noelle Floyd has a couple good videos on YouTube about keeping a grey horse clean. Also, if you keep them clipped it makes life sooooo much easier. 😁
Cowboy Magic Yellow Out!
Quicksilver and white and bright
Vinager works
And keep stall really clean
Bath it with quicksilver shampoo. Spray with showsheen. Curry them a lot and keep them rugged up. Lol
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