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Ask karim laghouag : What are some good ways to take care of your horse after a hard workout?

Ask karim laghouag : What are some good ways to take care of your horse after a hard workout?
If they worked really hard I might be sore I will put poultice on there legs especially after showjumpibg classes then grass and let them relax
A good walking trail ride and then once they are cool I like to hose their legs especially and give the other half of there body a rinse then I will just braid his mane and brush him and pamper him pretty much!!!
Walk, wash off, and then let them out to have a roll
I do some ground works
What I would do is wash with nice cold hose then walk it around and hand graze it
A good hand walk, a through hose and brush down, a graze, and ice boots and linement gel and liquid
after a hard work out i walk my horse until she’s no longer breathing heavily and then i brush her and hose her off.... i graze her until she’s dry enough to go back outside
Give your horse a good walk to cool them down.
After a hard work out I make sure I walk my horse until she’s not puffing then I give her a good groom then once she cooled down I put her out
After a hard days work i hose off my horse ad give her water and a groom
After a hard workout it really helps to liniment your horse on their legs and on their back. During the summer I also hose off my horses and I put on ice boots.
Hello Emma,

It is all about having a good recovery. Meaning that you can't suddenly stop a horse after a training session. You need to provide leg and back care. For example, thalassotherapy or simply cold shower on the legs, because the body temperature can be really high after training. The goal is for the horse to get his normal temperature back quickly.
In our facilities we have the chance to be able to walk the horses in a river to cool down the legs.
And for my top horses, they regularly have massages in thalassotherapy.