Do you have bit recommendations for a horse that is sensitive in the mouth but not cooperative and pulls?

A hackamore (bits are the problem)
Hello Sierra, actually I think that a stronger bit only makes the horse get stronger, if you horse pulls you need to figure out the problem.
Can it be a health issue ? Does he have too much energy?
Once you figured out what's wrong you can begin to think about what can be done.
I would advice you to make him lose his excess of energy before you ride him, you can try to lunge him for example ?
Maybe you'll need to take your horse back to the basics, try easy exercises to keep your horse focused, ride circles, loops and other simple patterns. All these schooling exercises can help you to develop a better obedience.
I hope it's helping :)
Try a happy mouth, trust or myler bit or a non-pinch lozenge or french link. Is he in pain? does he need the dentist to come out? If it's not pain related, he needs training not a harsher bit
I've had the same problem. I use a loose ring, French link with a brass mouth piece.
I use a French link happy mouth on my jumper and he pulls. I use draw reins as well wich as long as their head isn't cranked to their chest it's fine.
Nathe bit or hackamore(bit less)
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