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Do you have any tips for your first jumper show?:)

Do you have any tips for your first jumper show?:)
Be brave and trust your self
Get there early and visualize your course! Make sure you have plenty of time to learn it backwards and forwards and have fun!
Make sure you know the course REALLY well. Stay focused and don't panic! And most important of all have fun! And good luck!
I always take a friend usually one who's already competed so they can help with advice and to help calm the nerves but always remember your doing it for fun I just focused on going clear and gaining confidence in my first few shows.
Have fun! Keep calm and enjoy everything about it
H.a.v.e. F.un. !!
Keep calm
I recommend when I went to my first jump show I was so nervous but I can just say take what you need and get your best 🙂🙂
Organize yourself well! I recommend cleaning and prepping all your tack the night before the show. Walk the course twice if possible and visualize it a fee times over, planning your turns and distances. Breathe deep, even if you're nervous af, haha. Thats what i always used to forget and my horse felt it and got kind of panicky. Also: Eat enough! Don't underestimate that factor! You need strength and energy to exel. Best of luck:)
Have fun and be safe, prep for the course and keep going over it and take the result as it comes
Take a picture of the course on your phone, and when your waiting, go over the course with your finger
Have fun and be safe .. I did jumpers for 3 yrs and then my current trainer made me do hunters and it is so weird now lmao . Just don't let the excitement get to your head enjoy and kick ass