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What are some tips to improve your leg position and keep your heels down?

What are some tips to improve your leg position and keep your heels down?
No stirrups
For your heels, if you stand on the edge of a stair and allow your heels to drop and then push down just until you reach your edge back off slowly and do it several times a day only 6 or 7 times. Itll help stretch the Achilles and make it easier to keep your heel down.
Try to attach a spur strap to your stirrup then to your girth and ride with it on like that for around 2-4 weeks and then see how your leg position is and try to shorten your stirrups a hole to try and keep your heels down
Thank you everyone!
Reagan* lol
To improve overall leg position, no stirrups! It's hard but it's so worth it! Also riding in 2point at a standstill, walk, trot and canter. As for keeping your heels down, practice everywhere! Practice on your bike, if you're standing on a fence or stairs, lean back on your heels. When you're in the saddle, go around in two point with your heels down. It will soon become second nature :)
Hope this helped,
Ride around in the 2point position(standing up in stirrups) or riding without stirrups.
Tie your stirrup leathers tight to your girth with a spur strap, then it won't let your leg move
It kills, but I agree with no stirrups
No stirrups.

Last year I started off doing no stirrups for 5 minutes a day and no I can go 30 minutes straight, no stop, no stirrups posting trot. It REALLY gives you a lot of strength, balance and improves your leg position.

Just make sure you don't post to fast! Keep it slow, it makes it easier!
No stirrups, for a looong time