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I want to know what is it like to own your own horse?

I want to know what is it like to own your own horse?
Lots of work but worth it
It is expensive but worth every penny
The best thing ever! But it takes hard work and dedication!! They get very pricey
It's wonderful, heartbreaking, joyful, stressful, huge responsibility, can keep you up at night, exciting, to compete, immediately file for bankruptcy, have to pay attention to finest details, you have a bestie waiting for you, and..... very very very hardwork.
I absolutely love owning a horse because you can do what you want and have a lot of freedom. But it may get pricey in the long run
I love owning my own horses it's fantastic. Sometimes it gets way to pricey with vet bills , surprise fence breaking,etc. but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

It is absolutely amazing! I've been riding for 9 years and I only got my first horse 1 year ago. And the difference is amazing. You have SO much freedom to do what you want. You can ride everyday as well, and you can play games and create such an amazing bond with your horse.
It can get pricey depending on the horse and the board and the feed they need and how much vet/farrier bills are but do NOT let that stop you. If you can afford it having your own horse is just amazing and I wouldn't trade having my horse for anything in the world. He is just like one of my best friends, he's got a silly personality and makes me laugh and likes to cuddle but he works hard too and we have a really good bond which makes owning a horse just so much better!!

If you have any other specific questions about owning a horse don't hesitate to ask!
Hey Amil,

Having your own horse just means more freedom to do what you want with it but it also means you have a very huge and expensive responsibility. But do not let the responsibility and expense scare from getting a horse. Hope this helps:)