Equestrian movies/shows you'd recommend? Trying to get through this boring summer haha. :)

Heartland! International velvet, spirit, free rein
Heartland, Secretariat, Flicka, War Horse
A Sunday horse
Thanks so much! :)
Just to say this list is made up of older movies, cause I don't really like the new ones, oldies but goodies!
A Horse for Danny
Saddle club
Virginia run

So our movies r:
War Horse
Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
Black beauty
Racing Stripes
Moondance Alexander
Two bits and Pepper
Last Shot
The Black Stallion
Misty of Chincoteague
National Velvet
Cowgirls ans Angels 1&2
Winter Stallion

Hope these help!
Here's a list my friends and I made!:
Flicka and war horse (warning: you will cry)
Heartland, Secretariat, Seabiscuit
National velvet! An oldie but a goody :)
Oo! Well I am watching free rein and so far I like it! Hoping for a season 2. Hopefully going to start heartland soon! Thanks guys :)
Heartland, free rein, gift horse and that's about all the ones I know😂
Saddle club, secretariat, black beauty, heartland, spirit, there's a bunch of horse movies on Netflix as well!
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