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How time consuming is it to own a horse?

How time consuming is it to own a horse?
Very. My closets friends are my barn friends and horse. They become your life but it's worth it
So extremely time consuming. If you even begin to doubt it for that reason, you probably should just lease.
I dont have a social life beyond my few close friends. 2 years ago at my homecoming, i went to a horse show the same day i had my sophmore homecoming. I spend every weekend and any days im not busy and can have a ride to the barn at the barn
I spend between 20 to 30 hours a week on my horse
Some barns have grooms to care for the horses, in which case not that time consuming. But if you will care for the horse yourself, which I think is great because you get to know and bond with your horse more, it is very time consuming. Mucking out, grooming, bathing, tacking up, etc. take time, but it is all worth it!
Very time consuming but worth every minute
I always say my horse owns me, I do not own her. I am never at the barn, I also work at a barn everyday in order to afford my horse. I am pretty much a slave to my horse, and I love every moment of it.
It takes up most of my free time when I'm not at school but I don't mind because it's a fun thing and I'm only 11 this year so it's a big responsibility to own a horse
It is VERY time consuming! But I don't mind.
Very because you have to be there every day nearly I go to see my horse nearly every day when I can't go my trainer is always at the barn so she helps me with that but you need a lot of time.
Very, sometime may end up the whole at the barn to take care of my two horses
I go and see my horse almost every day! I spend around 4 hours each trip there.
VERY! I would suggest leasing so you can get used to the responsibilities. A lease is not the same though, so expect even more when you get your own horse.
Very time consuming. But totally worth it