What would be the best type of bit to use for milo when he constantly pulls ??

A hackamore, sometimes horses pull on the pressure to get away from it.
I agree with James about the pulling and using a stronger bit. If you do want to take it back to a more simple bit use a snaffle (even though there are mixed opinions but you can choose if you want one there are videos on YouTube). There are more harsh bits if you want to choose a full cheek is pressed on the outside of the mouth and connects with the horse in a different way then others. And elevator bits are like that in the way they act in the horses mouth also! There's a huge variety of bits to choose, and each one acts differently
Hey Tayla, I will tell you the same that I said in an earlier post I think that if your horse pull, a stronger bit only makes the horse get stronger, so you need to figure out the problem.
Once you figured out what's wrong you can begin to think about what can be done.
Maybe you'll need to take your horse back to the basics? Try easy exercises to keep your horse focused, ride circles, loops and other simple patterns. All these schooling exercises can help you to develop a better obedience and relaxation in your horse mouth.
I hope it's helping :)
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