I fell off today while riding. I know you're supposed to change your helmet but I didn't fall on my head so no damage was done to the helmet/head. Should I still change my helmet?

to be honest...i never change my helmet, i did not know that actually, but i dont fall off my horse, because she hasent ever bucked or anything(yet) but if it was a soft fall your totally fine.
Nope !
You should be fine. You only need to change if you've had a bad fall on your head or every few years. The tricky thing with helmets is that they look fine on the outside but can be cracked on the inside. The only way to tell is to x ray them
Hi I'm not sure but if you didn't hit your head at all then I don't think you should buy one and don't buy a new one if you only fell once but it depends on how hard you fell I hope it helps and makes sence
I fall on my head all the time riding, and my helmet always gets scratched up but nothing ever truly breaks. I've had the same helmet for almost 3 years and have fallen at least 8 times and it still works the same.
Hey I'm not a pro but I have have fallen off a good number of times , I use my schooling helmet which is typically the one i fall of in so no I don't replace it and I'm fine lmao
Hi sharon,
If you didn't fall on or scratch your helmet in any way, then you shouldn't need to buy a new one. An idea though would be to always have an extra helmet that you can have on hand if you did damage your other helmet. I like it because I can get right back on and feel safe about it! Hope this helps !
Hi Sharon,
I'm in the same boat. I would prefer not to buy a new helmet, but you can never tell when a helmet is compromised. The safest thing to do would be to buy a new helmet, but if you didn't fall on your head then there is a good chance that your helmet is not broken. If you choose not to buy a new helmet, and your helmet is broken where you can't see it, and you fall on your head, then the protection your helmet gives you will be gone, and you could get injured. I hope this helps in your decision!🙂🐎
Hey Sharon ! If you didn't fall on your head you don't need to change the helmet, as you said if no damage was done to the helmet there's no reason to change it. However if you fall on your head, you drop your helmet on the ground, or your horse kick it you'll probably need to change it for you safety. :)
You shouldn't need to unless you feel safer doing so.
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