I'm thinking of buying a horse but she is in another country and I have seen photos and videos of her do you think it's safe to buy her??

My trainer bought a horse from Germany and he was fine. But all horses and owners are different. Definitely recommend really looking into this horse and having a vet check her out.
Do t buy the horse without tying it EVER. I have a friend who did that expecting a World Cup horse, but the horse was way to hard to ride and she had a hard time selling it
No, don't by a horse without trying it! I know plenty of people who did that and were extremely disappointed:(
Dila I I bought my horse milo from Australia half way across the world and I would say if they have a good reputation then look into it just be really careful
Depends where it's from and if they have good reviews or not. Also, get a vet you trust to do the vet check. It is risky, sometimes it pays off other times not so much. That's horses!
Trying out a horse and having a trustworthy vet check them are important things to do before a purchase, so unless you can do those things, I wouldn't advise you buy the horse.
Hi dila,
I know it may seem real but I would never buy a horse from another country. It's just asking for you to get scammed or ripped off. Please don't do it, for your own safety.
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