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Should I ride with my phone on me ?

Should I ride with my phone on me ?
I would place somewhere you can easily get to it, but not directly on you.
Yess I always do just incase something happens and on one is there.
I ride with mine all the time and listen to music while I do it.
If I were riding in an arena with other people, no, just because of the sound/ringer, or the commotion it would cause if it fell out and everyone had to stop because I had to get off and grab it haha. But if I were by myself in any scenario, I would most likely have it
I ride all the time with my phone with me. It's good for emergencies and great for taking a few pics when riding!
I do lol I put my phone in my boots 😂
If your by yourself or on a trail, I'd say yes.
No no no mine fell but if your horse likes music go ahead 😏.
I think that depends upon your horse! One of the horses that ride! likes classical music!!!! And it calms him down if I'm trying to do something new that he would otherwise think was scary!!!! He can be a baby☺ Hhhaaahhaa but if your horse Spooks and doesn't like noise I wouldn't us your phone wall ridding!!!
Put it on silent and make sure it is secured so that it won't fall and spook your horse or anyone else's
If your in an arena and there are people around, I wouldn't take it cause it may get uncomfortable. Although if you trail ride you should take it, even in a group because someone else may get hurt.
Yes, you should take it. You can take pictures also if u have it with you.
It depends where you are riding if you are riding in the middle of the forest then take it but if you are close to other people where they can see and hear you then you don't have to.
Yes , in case of accidents I didn't and it was the one time I had a serious accident