I just got a new horse.any tips or exercises to help me figure him out more?

Do ALOT of flat work
Definitely do lots of ground work (it will establish a great bond) and go on a few trail rides. Work up to jumping slowly. If you have got a young or inexperienced horse then you'll need a lot of trust to be able to do cross country and sj. Also work out what your horse likes to do and do lots of that.
A lot of work from the ground! In-hand work and grooming really establishes a relationship! Then just take things easy and get to know each other!
Poles for sure. Always helps and will help him seek out jumping exercises. Also making him more secure by doing scary things like bouncing balls at him, crinkling cans, etc. until he gets the hang of it. I would also say make sure your in charge but also getting a good connection with him
Trail rides or scary obstacles always brings out your horses inner self...lol
Lunging and walks . Or simple flat and hack work
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