I'm in a tough situation where my horse (Cita)just had surgery and she keeps refusing with me. There is another horse that I like a lot that we might buy. Should I sell/keep Cita

Vet her
Cita is probably still hurting if she is refusing. I know Cita is a great mare and would not do that if she was not hurting. I would not sell her and give her a nice check her out
The reason she would be refusing is that she might have something still bothering her. I know Cita she is a great mare and would not refuse if there was something wrong
If she refused with you once and got away with it, she will just keep refusing again and again and again until you punish her. There are two ways to punish her, much more effective then the other. Most effective: Bring your hand to your hip and smack her with a crop once or twice and turn in a few circles. The go straight to the jump and give her a smack and a cluck. Least effective but may work: Do everything up there except for instead of hitting her if your not into that just bring her to a corner. One is like spanking a child, kne is like putting them in time out.
If she keeps refusing maybe she's not ready yet after surgery? Get her checked over by a vet! If you get the all clear, get an instructor to come help
I would keep her because it might just be a phase
I would get her checked out by a vet
try jumping her from the ground. If she keeps refusing even from the ground then it could be a problem with the surgery.
Refusing, I assume you are talking about when it comes to jumping. If she recently had surgery and now you are having trouble jumping maybe there is something bothering her and could be why she keeps refusing.
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