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How can I keep my horse clean the night before a show

How can I keep my horse clean the night before a show
If it's warm and you're struggling to keep the socks clean try stockings for women. Just cut off the feet part and slip them on to your horse, it's great cause it can go higher up that some boots. I do recommend that you just check if your horse is ok with the idea.
Put just a really light paddock sheet on if it's warm out, and put fly boots on. You can use bell boots too keep those on
I just wash and rug my horse and I use my winter rug unless it is really hot
Spraying a show sheen can help prevent stable stains too! And we normally put the tail inside one leg of a pair of tights and then use a tail bandage to keep it on! Stops her from getting any poo in her tail!
Put a sleezy full body cover on!
Sleezy, wrap legs, stable sheet
U can put a slinky and a sheet.
slinky, leg wraps and a stable blanket. then keep them inside
Put them in a stable rug and then put your horse in there stable that way they keep clean