Which would be better ...thinking of keeping my pony and upgrading to a horse but don't know wheather to go for a 15.2 or go all out and get 16 hh ish as I'm very skinny ...🙂

Im about 5'2". Ive ridden a 15.2 and a 16 and a 17 hh horse. Id ride multiple and see how you look on the horse, and how he moves. Dont make a judgement just becuase of size.
If you find the perfect horse who cares what height it is as long as it's big enough for you and you're happy with them!
16 hh is my personal opinion. Because you may keep growing. You never know :)
If your taller and still growing go for 16 or over. I myself prefer taller horses
16hh really isn't all that big. my barn is basically full of 17hh horses & up. if you are still growing, go for the bigger horse, if you're done growing, and you're on the shorter side, get the smaller one. also, the difference between a 15.2hh horse & a 16hh horse are two inches, which really isn't much of a difference.
Doesn't matter what size. Personally , i prefer smaller horses. It matters if they have potential, a soft mouth and intelligence as well as good ground matters and of course if they're healthy.
Depends on the type of horse your wanting to get. Also how tall you are. I'd say go for the 15.2 horse of your shorter but the 16 horse if your taller. Also try them out and see which one fits you better.
I think there may be less problems on a slightly bigger horse because you know if you are still growing than that's the better choice but if your not, the 15.2 may be a little small but more permanent you see what I mean?
Go try afew! Have a jump and a ride on then in the open and see what you're more comfortable on! How much do you weigh and what's your height?
Get the 16
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