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Do you prefer rope, nylon,or leather halters ?

Do you prefer rope, nylon,or leather halters ?
Leather it looks classic
i like leather just because it looks so classic
I like to pick which one suits my horses best
Nylon with a leather breakaway
The thing about paints is because you can't always tell them apart, which is why halters, leads, reins, saddlepads, grooming tools and boots (unless leasers bought personal stuff) are the same color of the horse. For example, my horse has lime green supplies. Another horse named Monty has maroon supplies. Rose has pink supplies. Just to say so lol.
I prefer nylon halters. They come in different colors so you can match Tack. But it also comes in handy with a place like where I ride when all the horses are paints lol. They also don't rub your horse's face, if fitted correctly. They also come off easy in case of emergency. They are also soft, which I like, and they are easy to punch extra holes into in case the halter doesn't fit but you don't want to buy a new one.
Nylon they don't rub your horses
Nylon 100%
Rope if the horse has sub par ground manners, leather otherwise.
I love to use nylon halter for everyday wear! And I love leather halters for shows! But I use rope halters to lunge in instead of a nylon one!
Rachel D I actually have one and the leadrope and I love it! I really recommend it !
Nylon for everyday use but I like leather for shows. But I also use rope halters for training and sometimes to ride in.
Rope! Check out the Clinton Anderson halters. They have two knots on the pressure points of the nose for control. The rope will NEVER break no matter how much your horse pulls on it. And the feel your horse has is much greater than any nylon or leather halter. In nylon and leather they have more leverage to push back against you! Hope this helps! If you buy a rope halter, don't cheap out! Go for parelli or Clinton Anderson. They last forever! :)
nylon and leather I don't like rope halters because they can fall off easier and aren't as strong and can break easier also they don't always adjust to your horses head(no one at my barn has ever used rope halter)
leather, they break the easiest when under a lot of pressure/tension, a lot of nylon don't so if your horse gets stuck, he's more likely to hurt himself.
I use leather for showing, nylon for cross tying, tacking, and leading, and rope for groundwork
Leather for showing and Nylon at home :)