How do you tie a slip knot?

So first you put the leadrope through the hoop (or around the post). At my barn, the part of the lead line attached to the horse is called the tree. So keep the "tree" at an arm's length and tie the horse at natural eye height. If you can't tie it as high as needed, make the lead line longer than just an arm's length. Anyway, after that, make a circle with the outside rope facing you. Then bring the access rope around the tree and make a "bunny ear" with it and put it through the circle. Then tighten it in as many ways as you can. After that you can make multiple bunny ears to go through that one after you tighten or just put the lead line through it. Hope this helped and made the least bit of sense lol otherwise they have videos on YouTube:)
You hold the rope on your left and right hand and cross the rope to make a loop. Then with any hand, you want to put your hand through the loop to grab the rope on the left side. Pull through the loop and then you're done! Here's a link that might help:
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