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What does overjump mean?

What does overjump mean?
When a horse jumps a jump like it's way bigger than it actually is.
lots of young horses do it for lack of experience, it can also mean the horse is extra careful, but it's something you don't want to see in a competitive show jumper as they loose time over the jump, tire more quickly and it puts even more strain on joints and tendons
Meaning the horse jumped higher or wider than the jump required. This can be a good thing, meaning the horse is capable of jumping bigger obstacles! But it can also mean the horse is spending more time in the air and result in time faults.
Exactly what they said but that means he's capable of jumping higher!
Hi Sharon Park

It means he jumped more than he needs.
When a horse jumps a jump way higher than it actually is. :) My horse over jumps everything, he even jumps ground poles like they are 50cm high lol