What are your favorite brands for trailers? What trailer would you recommend that is not too big but can fit one horse comfortably, sturdy/good quality, and not too expensive?

4 Star. They're my favourite trailers love them!
5 star trailers are the best traders that are out there that rant ridicoulously expensive. Good Luck!
CM trailers. Affordable and so far horses are comfortable on hauls.
The trails end royale!
Thanks, guys! I really need a new trailer and I was wondering what to buy.
Ifor Williams
Ifor Williams good quility can pick up second hand ones for a reasonable price. We had an accident in ours and it held up really well and saved my pony from a Audi that was going WAY to quick down a country road. Highly recommended. They also have loads of designs and you can get single horse etc etc 😁 I know with ours we have a double trailer but without the partition and with a longer front bar. It makes it easier at shows and lessons as you can get them ready whilst there in there with lots of space and it keeps them out of the flies or rain for longer
I personally recommend Böckmann :)
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