Would you rather go to a super nice , clean barn with good horses and great trainers but not go often because its more expensive or go to an okay barn thats affordable and go more?

It depends on the level of riding you're at. If you're on the begging side, go to the less expensive barn as when you're beginning you just need time in the saddle. If you're becoming intermediate or above, go to the nice one with better trainers.
I would rather go to an OK barn because I don't care what the barn is like as long as they treat you and there animals right 😊
I would go to the barn with great trainers, even if you can't go as often maybe you could do barn work to get some more lessons. (most barns offer this but not all) But you will become a better rider there/
i would go to a barn with great trainers, you will make more progress, even if you go less
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