What is the best ring/show backpack ?

I have a noble outfitters one and it's amazing for it's price. I would defiitely reccomend it
I love my Noble Outfitters Ringside Pack! I highly recommend it! Although I'm hoping to get a Maelort & Co bag soon! (I'm seriously in love with the Black and Tan bag 😍)
I love my under armour backpack I got from Smartpak. It's only $70ish and holds basically everything I need. It may not be as fancy as some others but I love it.
my favorite two bags are the samshield iconpack (i have the black w green accent one) && the maelort bags (i have the black/tan one && the navy/black one). both store everything, are so so stylish, && make my show day that much less stressful! however, these both tend to be on the expensive side, w the samshield iconpack running @ abt $250 && the maelort bags running between $180 - $200, it can add up. some more inexpensive options include the grand prix backpack, which is just around $100, or the noble outfitters ringside bag, which i think is only $80 or so. although these are way cheaper, i do believe that having a nice riding backpack makes your show day less stressful and much easier, but it isn't the worst thing in the world to have the more inexpensive ones. good luck!
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