What brand of makeup does everybody use? I need a cheap, light, natural colored makeup that I can wear riding and preferably is waterproof and doesn't come off easy. Thanks:)

i'm a #katherinegirl and a complete addict to katherine cosmetics. they have waterproof everything, and if youre looking for something natural and light to ride in, the k-sport beauty collection is definitely something to check out!!
i haven't used it but katherine cosmetics is marketed for equestrians so i would look into that
ELF! Super cheap and doesn't test on animals
@lauryn_g thank you so much! I will definitely check it out🖤
I use Clinique, it's good for your skin and it is tough to get off
Katherine Cosmetics! Their brand is designed specifically for working out, riding horses, and just every day wear!
Personally I sweat so much during the summer even the waterproof kind sweats off! But I use a little waterproof mascara to make me look a little more awake. During spring,winter, and fall I just wear whatever make up I wore to school that day because it isn't as hot (and Im too lazy to take it off anyways).
@hartsellw thank you so much:)
Because it is waterproof and it has sunscreen in it so it protects you from sunburn😊
I use Covergirl
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