How long should I lunge if I'm not going to ride but need to work my horse?

I do 30 minutes, giving my horse plenty of time to walk and catch his breath.
About 10 mins each direction. You keep lunging your horse (if he's hot and not listening) until he softens and is responsive. But don't overdue it. When he listens and does what you ask give him praise, when he's naughty stay calm and keep him going to show him you're the leader. Hope that helps!
not more than about 30 minutes, it puts too much stress on joints and tendons if you do it for longer periods and can cause lasting damage
I lunge mine for 30 minutes, but to stop it getting boring I add a lot of changes of direction and add some jumps to make it more interesting for them. I have lunged for longer but only on cooler days.
As long as your would ride him for us what I always do ;)
30 Mins is ideal for a w/t/c.
About 25-30 mins
I aim for 30 :p
15-20 min
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