Any idea on how to encourage drivers to slow down when passing near horses?

Thankyou guys! I just recently had a little accident involving a fast vehicle long story short I got bucked off and broke my wrist and I just want people to slow down especially since my cousins and friends ride horses down the roads as well
Realize that riding a horse is akin to being in a vehicle. That means you do not have the right of way if you are mounted (at least in B.C.). Someone got rearended the other day (on a horse!) in our equestrian I don't recommend standing in the middle of the road! Wave when people go by, be friendly. You often get more flies with honey.
Your can create signs that say "caution - horses and riders" and if people are really bad have a talk with your local police station and they will help keep an eye out for unsafe, fast drivers
I know a friend who literally will stand in the middle of the road and not move if a car is moving too fast around horses and when the car stops in front of her tell the driver to put down their window and she has a very good chat with them about hors and rider Saffy on the road. Also maybe wear a fluro jacket with please drive slowly or caution horses on it?
Make a sign that says slow down, horses
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