My OTTB mare lost some weight. We just switched too a feed 12/10/18 and has fescue in stall and grass and round bale in pasture. Any other ideas to help her gain weight?

soaked alfalfa cubes! the horses love it and it's worked great!
Beet pulp and rice bran
Dodson&Horrell Build and Glow worked wonders for my horse
A high fat and high amino acid feed. You may also have to mix two feeds to get the weight you want. That's what I had to do with my OTTB when he wasn't putting on weight. I mix a high fat feed with a high fiber feed.
The equine omega complete is amazing I started using it after I saw Claire Eventing use it you can check her out in instagram and YouTube she has an OTTB horse as well and he was in a poor condition but now he looks sooooooo good you can ask her for all the details I'm not that good in explaining 😁😁😁
Beet-pulp and a wight gain supplement would help!
Senior feed would help. Its higher in calories for older horses, so it could help her gain weight. Hope this helps.
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