Do you have any experience of volunteering work in horse shows in United States?

Am a working student who doesn’t oftan get paid 😑 so I basically just volunteer at my barn.
But there’s also a certified equine therapy program that runs out of my barn, and I volunteer for that as well! It’s the most amazing program I’ve ever been involved in and really amazing if you want to make a difference !
Yes! I was fortunate to volunteer in Omaha during the world cup least year and at the Omaha international show this past spring, as well as with some local events. If you're looking to do some volunteering, Omaha equestrian just let people sign up online for the world cup, so signing up to volunteer there can be super easy!
Hi I love to work and volunteer at my barn and I’m there whenever they need the help
Hey yes I work and volunteer at shows all summer
Hi, my mom is a horse show judge and I volunteer everywhere she goes,
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